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Entrepreneurship: Its Concepts

Entrepreneurs are people who take on risk and make a profit. Entrepreneurship refers to a person who takes on a risky journey. According to UNIDO (1999), entrepreneurship is defined as the initiative to change business concepts into new ideas, diversify existing ventures or enterprises to high-growth potentials. Entrepreneurship is about innovation, recognition and taking advantage of market opportunities. It is essentially about identifying and solving social problems. An innovator is someone who can generate ideas that can be used to benefit people and the planet. The process of entrepreneurship is not easy and takes a lot of work to set up and manage. Entrepreneurship has many benefits, including the opportunity to be your boss, do what you like and have your own time. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google Search Engine, are among them. Their reputation as being reliable information sources has made Google search engine the world’s most trusted. Larry Page, the 12th richest man in the world, has a net worth $51.4.

BackgroundLarry Pages is an internet entrepreneur. In 1998, he teamed with Sergey Brin and created the search engine Google. His parents, both computer experts, were his parents when he was born. As a result, he followed the example of his parents and earned computer engineering degrees from Michigan University. Together they created Google Search Engine. Google is now the most searched for search engine in world. Google has done so much over the years including Ad Sense, Google Maps and Android. Google is the company’s internet search function. It also offers cloud computing and a variety of advertising solutions. They gained a reputation as the most reliable and efficient source of relevant information, which allowed them to expand rapidly. Entrepreneurial JourneyLarry Pages was an avid reader. He was always intrigued by invention and read Nikola Tesla’s biography at twelve. He was upset by this and decided to learn more about business and create a new type of technology. He began to dream about starting his own company. Page discovered a passion for the future of transportation systems when he was studying at University of Michigan. He became part of University’s team that developed solar-powered cars. His idea was a high speed monorail system linking campuses. Page started exploring the possibilities of downloading the entire internet at 23 years old. Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the development of a search engine in 1995 while studying at Standard University. The “BackRub” was their project. To determine the authority of a site, they created the search engine to examine the links between pages. After the mathematical term “google”, the search engine was named “Google”. It stands for “Google”, which is the No. The search engine was named “Google” after the mathematical term “google”, which means No. Page and Brin later decided to incorporate the company. In 1998, Page and Brin opened their first datacenter in a garage. They began looking for investors to support their ideas. Andy Bechtolsheim was a founder at Sun Microsystems and invested $ 100,000 in his company. Over the course of a few years, they raise more than $1 million. With Craig Silverstein as their first employee, they were finally able raise $ 1 million from friends, family, and investors. Google initially served more than 10,000 queries per day, and gradually it became the most trusted source of information. In 1999, the company was handling over 500,000 queries per month. The company soon grew from a small office to a massive one. It served an average of 5.9 million queries per day in 2013. Google currently processes 40,000 searches per second. This accounts for over 3.5 billion searches per hour and more than 1.2 trillion global searches each year. As the parent company to Google, Alphabet Inc., an American multinational conglomerate was established in 2015. It was completed in October 2015. It was completed on 2 October 2015. Larry is currently working on Waymo’s unmanned vehicle creation and the smart transport system. Zee Aero, a company developing new forms of transport, received $ 100M from Larry. Additionally, he invested in Kitty Hawk’s startup that deals directly with flying machines. The Company’s strength is the Google web service, which provides the users with facilities like image search, Google news and blogs search. The service provides information in many formats to make it easy for users to access. It is the most important source of media and information worldwide. Google Calendar is a tool that allows users to keep track and organize important events, appointments, special occasions. Google also provides free mail services, such as G-mail or social networks like Orkut. Google earth and Googlemap allow you to locate, learn and explore the area. You can also get aerial and satellite images directly from your desktop. It offers information about how to buy and read books online. YouTube allows users to search for and view videos. Google Picasa offers photo sharing and search options. Weaknesses in the CompanyGoogle portfolio is not equipped with a commerce function. The majority of revenue comes from advertising while 1% is licensed services. Google only has one search field, which makes it very difficult for context to be captured. Google is trailing Yahoo. Google allows users to organize their Google pages. A user can access other accounts and view any privacy criticisms. Vertical AD network is threatening Google AdSense. OpportunitiesGoogle could start services such as product search, private database, and print media. To attract users, Google can add chat rooms to its email system and email systems. Google can track search history of users to increase switching costs. Users may also be allowed to remain their search history through email for relevant search updates according their interest and requirement. Google can become a mass market portal, similar to Yahoo and MSN. This can increase the user’s watching costs. To expand beyond traditional internet, it can provide full-fledged mobile services. ThreatGoogle needs to be aware of search engines that promise to offer better search services than they currently provide. A new search engine, for example, that uses power set. There are many competitors. MSN, Yahoo and Google may merge in the future. This could be a threat. Experts discovered that Goggle does not offer peer search services. RecommendationsGoogle can adopt market modification strategy as it can grow its impressions by increasing the frequency of searches by users, providing new search services and the traffic to sites in its search and advertising networks. They can also offer services that users are unable to access from other accounts and view their profiles. Their service provider must be updated to keep users connected to their service. Because Sergey Brin and Larry Page were both computer scientists, they began work on the search engine in 1995. With an initial investment of $1 million, they opened their first datacenter in a garage. Soon, the company was able to grow from a small garage into a massive office located in Mountain View. Craig Silverstein was the company’s first employee. It has grown to be the most used search engine in the world. Google has been able to offer many Google services over the years including Ad Sense and Google Maps. Google also offers I-phone Search, YouTube, Verizon Partnership, Google Maps, Google Mail, Android, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Google Maps, Android, YouTube, Verizon Partnership, and Google Maps. Google acts as an internet search engine, cloud computing, and offers many advertising options. Slowly, Google became the most trusted source of information. Google’s users grew rapidly due to their reputation as the most reliable and efficient source of information, providing relevant information at an optimum speed. Citations

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