Leading With Analogies: Insights On Leadership Role

Writing can allow you to have many perspectives and experiences that are not yours. Writing is not just for academic purposes. It can also be used to gain a grade, get scholarships, or find a job. Whatever your purpose, it should always grab the attention. Although the reasons behind writing and context may differ, the goal is the same: to make what you have to say stand out and be heard by those who read it. I used to write for grades in my writing past. However, I recently had to try a new writing form to win a scholarship.

There are many topics to write about when applying for scholarships and college. Your high school achievements, your triumphs over obstacles, or other general topics are the most important. In one essay, it was stated that you were asked to write about a time when you took on a leadership position where there wasn’t one before. This topic felt familiar to me. I answered by sharing an example of my experience speaking at school football rallies. This topic allowed me to convince my readers that this scholarship is a good fit for me. The submission deadline was during school year because of the time the board would need to read all essays and determine which ones were worthy of the award. This timing allowed me to understand that I wasn’t alone in trying to meet deadlines. My essay was not the only one being read by the board. They would also be presented with hundreds of insightful and intellectual essays. I had to use my words and experience to distinguish myself from the rest. I had the responsibility to show that I could manage and lead a group consisting of around 900 students. At the same time, I had to give control to the board. If they saw me in this manner, I would be eligible for the scholarship. Throughout the essay, I gave many analogies comparing speaking at the pep rallies to speaking in front of the United States as you give your presidential campaign speech hoping to persuade everyone to vote for your awesome Republican/Democratic party. The essay can be compared to being a plaintiff in a court matter. Everyone wants to support you. These analogies were used to illustrate my point in a more persuasive and detailed essay. It is a rewarding experience to lead the pep rallies. However, it can also be a challenging task.

After reviewing my essay, I was able to see all the things I could have done differently in order achieve my goal. Although my essay was written in a formal tone, I could have used more examples and wording to better illustrate the points. The persuasive style of writing is meant to show the board that you are an intelligent student with the skills and abilities to succeed at college. Your organization will view you as a valuable asset. Even though these “mistakes”, while few, lingering feelings of regret that I couldn’t have been a better scholar than I was still. The scholarship was granted to me because the board members must have read my essay.

Once I had achieved my goal to receive the scholarship, the process of editing the essay topic form was easier. You are free to break from the usual five paragraph, introduction, and concluding form. It is important to recognize that some scholarship board members may not be able to reach the colligate level due the scholarship’s relationship. You can decide on the topic you want to write about. The level of college-going students will dictate that formal writing is expected. It means that the writer should use correct punctuation, avoid slang and use diction to convey the message they want to make. A prompt that is informal would allow the writer to reduce the pressure while still serving a clear purpose. While informal writing allows for some slang to be used, it still requires diction to make the point clear. It is essential that the writer establishes a tone for their writing.

It is difficult to write for any prompt, topic or award. The writer will be able to communicate the message better if they understand the prompt or topic. This writing stimulates the brain and makes it function. Handwriting, typing, or physically handwriting a paper requires motor skills. Reading the prompt text and the paper will require visual skills. The writer’s mind will expand if all the skills are used. Sometimes we get fed too much information. But the point of writing is not just to inform the reader. Because I knew exactly what my board members were looking for in my scholarship essay about leadership, I deliberately used formal language and tone. They could see me from their perspective, and I was awarded the scholarship they requested.


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    I'm an educational bloger and teacher. I've been writing for about a year, and I'm currently working on my first book. I'm a self-taught teacher and blogger, and I love helping others learn how to be successful in life.

cameronmarshall Written by:

I'm an educational bloger and teacher. I've been writing for about a year, and I'm currently working on my first book. I'm a self-taught teacher and blogger, and I love helping others learn how to be successful in life.

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