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Jensen (1986), who introduced the agency theory, has raised many issues that are fundamental to the literature. One of these is the hypothesis of free cash flows. Jensen defined free cash flows by the excess cash flows over what is …

Midway USA, a shooting supplies company based on the Internet, was founded by Larry Potterfield in 1977. The company’s headquarters is located in Columbus, MO. Midway USA features over 100,000 items from over 800 suppliers. They also offer products in …

The leadership is a quality of a leader who influences the followers and motivates them to reach the goals that are beneficial to all. (Vroom, Jago 2007). Elon Motors CEO Elon musk has proven to be an influential and successful …

Table of Contents

The leadership squad

Financial Highlight

Emma’s Bakery Products

Breakfast Sandwiches:

Other people

Market Trends & Statistics


Edge Over Rivals

Offline Promotion Strategy

Online Promotion Strategy

Emma’s Bakery a registered company, produces organic and healthy foods. The …

This advertisement encourages you to try out a new product. It promises excellent results and a great experience. Come and give it a try and see what you think!

Advertising is any audio or video marketing communication, which promotes or …

Table of Contents

Making money through promoting other companies’ products.

Online platforms for social networking

Social media and affiliate networking


Types Of Fraud

In conclusion,

Marketing is a very methodologically-based science. It is always changing, as evidenced by the …

Old Spice’s advertisement ‘Your Man Could Smell Like’ is used as a sample. Old Spice is a popular body wash for males. Old Spice’s persuasive message techniques are what make it so popular. They do this to convince women to …

Table of Contents

Performance Management in the Current Perspective

Factors affecting organisations today

These factors are important for performance management

Influential research and its impact on performance management

The Future of Performance Management

In conclusion

Performance management is the process …

Imagine 25 years after the invention of the first Smartphone. IBM created the Simon Personal Communicator in 1992. The Simon Personal Communicator was created by IBM in 1992.

Smartphones are extremely useful for both education and business in today’s technology-driven …

Why is Coca Cola superior to Pepsi

Many people can’t tell the difference between Coca Cola & Pepsi in terms of natural flavors or branding. Coca Cola made tough choices because the market was competitive. The results have been that …